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Nice to see a free and open resource for discussing Data Vault topics. I work in data and analytics technologies and have had a hand in data modelling for a long time. I wear both hats when it comes to data vault, implementation & modelling.

Thanks to the dbtvault crew for setting this up!

Anyone can reach me at Linkedin


Hello Patrick,

Welcome to our community, thanks for joining!

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Hello there!
So happy to have a place for Q & A and various discussions. I dipped my toes into the Data Vault methodology (or is it got my fingers crushed?) about 3 years. Currently, my team is building a new data platform from scratch, and Data Vault is a big part of that initiative. Looking forward to learning from this community

I can be found on linkedin, dbt slack, dbtvault slack, snowflake slack. Always happy to connect!

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Welcome Veronika!

Glad to have you - feel free to ask away!

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Hi :slight_smile: It’s good to see a more permanent forum after the last couple of years of “in person” chats.
I’m a consultant data architect working with UK public (and used-to-be-public) sector data, and all the wonderful (what do you mean everything’s an excel sheet) issues that brings :stuck_out_tongue:
I wear all the hats, although my current thrust is towards the governance and meta-data management end.
Feel free to DM me, look me up on LinkedIn, or follow me at my blog site.

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Welcome Will!

Thanks for joining!

Keith Evans here! Great to have another Data Vault Resource!

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Welcome to the community Keith!

Thank you for joining.

Welcome Will! We hope this will become a valuable resource and that we’ll see you back frequently!

Hi Keith, welcome to the forum!

We are new to DV. Nice to be part of a forum where we can learn more about DV2 modelling and best practices. Currently, we are moving from on premise data platform to a cloud data platform. With that also moving from old modelling practice to DV2 model.

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Welcome to the forum!

Greetings to all!

I am Noel Cruz, a relatively recent “convert” to Data Vault, and I am extremely excited and eager about ALL of it.

I first learned about DV2 in February, 2021, when I was invited to join a project where I work (Optum) to develop a ML/AI platform for our internal systems. I was so intrigued that I pursued and received my CDVP2 on 12/30/2021 (just one week ago today).

I am also on LinkedIn, as many who have posted before me are as well.

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Welcome to the forum Noel!

Thanks for joining!


I’m Tamara, and I’ve been on Data Vault projects for various government departments in New Zealand for a few years now. I have often found that between source system data structures, business usage, and whatever platform and tooling we’ve been required to use, Vault standards can end up somewhat… bent. A lot of the DV advice available online is either extremely theoretical and idealized, or else very specific to whatever tool the author supports/is trying to sell you. :grinning:

I’m hoping this forum can be used for sound-boarding practical solutions as well as discussing the evolving theory. Cheers!


Hello Tamara!

Welcome to the forum and thanks for joining!

I cannot agree more!

Hi all
Just joined - i’ve been leading a DV-based project for the last year or so but haven’t been very hands on, but have been reading Dan’s and Patrick’s books. A long time ago before the abomination of hadoop I was a good dimensional modeller and I like what I see with dv2.0 and am singing its praises. I’m sure there are a bunch of things on my last project that we would do differently with hindsight so great to be here to learn some more practical tips.



Welcome to the community, @Nat!