Starting on Datavault 2.0

Hello All,

For someone starting on the DV2.0 what are some of the recommendations on designing DV2.0, best practices on the modelling, naming conventions, etc. Please share if possible.

Firstly, you’re going to need to understand the business and your source data. If not, you’re going to make a lot of mistakes which may look bad for your project. Read Dan’s book and maybe Patrick’s book to understand basics of 2.0 if you don’t already.
Simple things are look at active data vs inactive, stuff which gets hit by updates and the frequency and then the stuff which barely changes. Names, make them meaningful. There is a lot of good stuff out there to help you, by a quick google. More specific questions will get you much better answers as there’s a lot of stuff already published to help you get started

Stick to what it is a business is after, business objects, relations/transactions and state information about those hubs and links.
Going at a DV2.0 alone is never recommended because it is a discipline that requires rigour, due diligence and … experience (yea this last one in there is important). Because experience will help you with what works and what does not. How do you get experience?

  • fail fast – need a patient customer who will be ok with you doing this
  • coaching – many DV2.0 consultancies help you there
  • training – is a chicken and egg problem, do you try and get lessons or do you get lessons and then try… well that’s the tricky thing with getting training.

Thanks Patrick, what is your take on tools like Coalsce, wherescape and vaultspeed?

They all have pros and cons I suppose, you’d have to assess them yourself and make a decision.

This after all, is a public forum