Reference resource for Data Mesh implementation

Hello everyone, I am relying on you a second time because I find that this forum involves a community open to sharing.

In the middle of analyzing a new theoretical implementation around the stack we are currently developing, I could not miss the trendy strategy, in this case, the Data Mesh. But after having started reading several resources on this subject that I can quote below :

I could also see that this was going to be a topic of a conference at WWDVC 2023. So I understand that the topic is growing and is still far from mature, but I was wondering if there are any resources that serve as reference material to help us implement a data mesh strategy using Data Vault 2.0 modeling.

Thank you for your time and all the resources already available !


@Manu DataVaultAlliance is developing resources to address this which we hope to release fairly soon after the first of the year.

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Good news, thank’s a lot for your reply !