Reference Data Models

What does everybody think about using reference/template models?

The first thing to every client is different - even every project is different but often not as different as they think they are! Reference data models can be a useful project accelerator to help the discussions with the business about their individual needs. The thinking required is the same. A good starting point are Len Silverston’s books “The Data Model Resource Book” which is split three volumes. We have them in the office but I have heard others recommend them at a recent Data Vault User Group meeting.

I had a look at the books, and I could not find any data vault 2.0 modeling in them.

Yes - you are correct they are not specific to Data Vault. They are however helpful in creating your conceptual/business models.

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A challenge in Data Vault because your RV is based on mapping your source systems to hubs, links and sats and everyone has different implementations of even the same source systems****

Your derived needs (business vault) would also differ, so yea, ref models could accelerate your thinking on the model but are probably going to range from wildly different to how your business defined their data to discussing what hubs, links and sats are (i.e. not helpful at all).

Perhaps what you should look at is what the Business Architecture is, i.e. what are the business objects we care about in our industry