CRM Data Vault Model

Hello all
Have been searching for sample data vault model on CRM. Similar kind of implementation is required in one of the projects. But I could not find anything useful.
Could you please point me to some links ?


have a look at the salesforce dm instead — use that as a base to understand your DV direction but of course include a SME in your travels

Hi Swaminathan,
I am wondering what is the intention of your data vault. There are lots of sample data models available online, my friend David Hay has a great book on re-using patterns for modelling data. I have used these in the past to get some conversations started. John Giles also gives some great examples of using patters in his Elephant series. What I recommend is usually having a conversation with your business leadership to determine the intentions and conceptual model of “CRM” - as there are many, many ways to accomplish CRM. Looking for what data you have (are you using Salesforce for example can go a long way to informing your data vault model. It is about your business concepts and the data that you have/need.

Hope that helps.


I have a copy of David Hay’s book — it’s good

Agreed, I have 3 books of his, triggered by John Giles Elephant discussions :grinning:. David gave a keynote presentation last Friday at DAMA Canada (I did one as well) and he has a wealth of experience!



Thanks @bmccartney.

We were given a task to come up with the data vault model for customer 360. Rather than coming up a design on our own, we thought of having a look at some of the design already available, so that it would help us to come up with a proper design.

I will check the book which you have referred.

Thanks again.

Creating a Data Vault model for a CRM system involves designing a data warehouse that can handle the complexities of CRM data, including customer interactions, sales, marketing, and support activities. Familiarize yourself with the principles of Data Vault modeling. Dan Linstedt’s book, “Building a Scalable Data Warehouse with Data Vault 2.0,” is a comprehensive resource on Data Vault modeling. Look into industry standards and best practices for CRM data modeling. Organizations such as DAMA (Data Management Association) may provide guidelines and best practices.