Crowd Sourcing: Best Practice in Dimensional Modeling on top of DV

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Looking for a resource on best practices in building a Dimensional Model on top of a Data Vault.

Any form of resources are welcome. Thanks! :pray:

No resources to point you to I’m afraid, but you could take the following as a very broad guide:

Each hub, with associated satellites could end up being a dimension. You just do a COALESCE on each satellite to get the most recent record for each business key. If you want a type2, then use a PIT table before the dimension.

Each link, with associated metrics from a satellite connected to one of the linked hubs could become a fact table. Or if you wanted to hop across multiple links, you could use a bridge table before the fact to make it more performant.

I hope that helps?

yopu can start here,

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Patrick, that’s great content! I note that this linkedIn series is very recent, but your book came out in 2020. Does the ebook version contain all of the content and up to date information in your linkedin article series?

You could say the articles expand on the themes in the book