How do I model a fairly static hierarchy - example state, county, township, zipcode

Our business is carved up into multiple districts, its 3 levels - and called the sales org
– sales area (north / south)
– region (within sales area)
– district (within region)

I can create hubs for each of these, and then a link that joins them altogether. so 3 hubs, one link table with 3 keys. effectivity satellite to track changes as reorgs do occur (ie add a new district to a region, etc).

but now i have a store who belongs to a district. cant create a link to a link. maybe a link the store hub to the lowest level of the hierarchy - the district hub? Can create another link with 4 keys, store, region, district, sales area. but that seems like a lot of duplication.

there will be other business processes that need to link to the sales org hierarchy as well (inventory, sales, etc).