Two LINKs that are are different grain between the same HUBs?


Is it okay to have one than one LINK between the same HUBs? We have situation where we need the LINKs to be at two different grains:

  1. One at the LINE ITEM level called LINK_ORDER_LINE_ITEM_NODE
  2. One at the LINE ITEM Status level called LINK_ORDER_LINE_ITEM_STATUS

Is this an valid approach in Data Vault?


as the source supplies it so you too can model it :slight_smile:

I see no reason why you could not have more than one link as long as it serves your auditability and/or reporting requirements. Make sure the UoW makes sense, if it does then go for it

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Yes you can. The link that has the greater grain would have an additional column such as a degenerate hub.

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Thanks @neil.strange and @patrickcuba ! :slight_smile:

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If it is the same UoW one link but if the grain is different then you could have different links

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Saqib, I’ve been traveling - so sorry for the late response.
The answer is “Absolutely!” As a reminder, because the Hub holds a distinct list of business keys for a specific concept, it may plan a role in any number of relationships, associations, events, or transactions - each at a different grain and each represented by a different link.
Respectfully, Cindi