Breaking the business into hubs

So many questions! Sorry!

I keep switching from what I think is too many hubs, to too few. Thinking that a transaction should be a hub, but then thinking maybe just transaction attributes in a satellite off a link.

How would you model this?

A lead becomes a customer. A customer makes an application. An appointment can be made, related to an application. An application may have zero to many detail records. A customer may invite multiple people - applicants - to join them on an application. Each of these uploads various supporting documents against the application. An application steps through multiple stages and statuses, both forwards and sometimes backwards. Along this journey they are assisted by multiple team members in different roles and in different capacities depending on the stage of the application.

Confusing right? Any guidance would be really appreciated.

@andy - Did you receive guidance on this since you posted your question at all?

It appears as though you could put together a conceptual business model from your description, which may ultimately help you visualize what a logical model could be for the data vault.

Thank you!

I didn’t receive a response on this particular question, however I was able to refer back to our Enterprise Domain Model which helped in answering some of my questions. Unfortunately, while called ‘Enterprise’, its limited in it’s scope. So this is a job I’ve pushed back on our Data Architect.