Hub Modelling: Salesforce Healthcloud - Account, Lead, and Contact Objects

I am working on a project where one of the data sources is salesforce’s health care offering, health cloud.

It seems to rather awkwardly take standard salesforce objects and forces them into a healthcare context.

  • Lead - Referral
  • Account - Converted Referral (Patient)
  • Contact - basically very similar to account

There are very similar descriptions of the same thing, an individual. I’m not sure how I model this as a hub. In my mind there is an individual hub with three satellites representing the lead, account, and contact. However, I also need to be careful that I don’t lump in any event changes into satellites, since they are just there to describe the individuals attributes in different contexts. Am I correct in my thinking?

Tldr: duplicate attributes across tables, tables effectively representing the same thing in different stages contexts. Internal and external business keys to describe an individual.

Hey Mark,

You will need to engage the business to define and understand the definition behind those business objects, this will lead you (no pun intended) to defining what those hub tables are.

It doesn’t matter what the source system says, it matters what the business wants.

Maybe this will help: Time to upgrade your thinking on Data Vault | by Patrick Cuba | Snowflake | Medium