Top 10 Worst IT technologies

At the WWDVC 2022, Dan Linstedt joked for someone to come up with the top 10 Worst technologies/approaches/things. This was in the context of XML being at least #5

Here are a few initial proposals:

  • XML
  • JavaScript
  • PHP 6
  • Lotus Notes/SharePoint
  • Excel “Databases”
  • Microsoft Access
  • AgileFall
  • Salesforce
  • WEP (the WiFi “standard”)

Post your idea here and enjoy the conference!

P.S. The Datavault/dbtvault team are present at the event and we’d love to talk, feel free to approach us, we don’t bite!


Hindsight is 20/20, imagine in a year or five years from now when people then look back at what we are doing now

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Oh I completely agree Patrick! All of these things were great for their time and solutions to very valid problems for sure. It’s a very interesting topic to debate

As long core problem of discontinued technology is side effect from tribalism in Humans more than what’s best/worse technology.

Sadly in the end of the day world wastes massive amount of “energy” forgetting to fix the problem which resides in the Human dimension like improved emphatic relations, better on boardings, proper time to get acquainted with something new (technology, business processes etc).

Im just time traveller , still looking for wreckage of my spaceship so I can go back to the future where Human dimension is at the core of everything.