SAP data to data vault

We are in process of building the data vault for SAP master data tables, which have article sales master data, site supplier supply points data.With SAP these tables are in denormalized structure, for eg for site supplier, supply points - Site number, Supplier number and supplypoint key make a unique record in the table.
We would be creating hubs for Site and Supplier as they are core business concepts but to for the attributes that is associated both with site and supplier together like supply point data , how would that be modelled. Would that be in a link satellite between site and supplier.
What is the best approach, please advise.

Hi Rashmi.

As always the answer is - it depends!

There are business concepts - Sites, Supplier. A site may be a Supply Point for a Supplier (LNK_SUPPLY_POINT). Supply Point data would be in a Satellite off the Supply Point link. Surely the Supplier+Site bks are sufficient for the PK of the Link, so the supplypoint key is a redundant system key, only an attribute for the Satellite.