Now I have the budget, who do I hire and what do I buy?

Good news - I have successfully proven a DV2.0 DW meets our needs and can be done quickly.
Rather than saying “And the bad news is…” The challenge I have is to specify the team I need to scale up delivery.
I’ve accepted my skills are more weighted towards information and data architecture than they are to the design of a project team. I know Dan spoke about team structure when he trained me in 2014 but that’s a long time ago and I’m a bit rusty on those aspects of the certification. I also think there will be much learned since then and am seeking the “wisdom of the (DV) crowd”

This is an Azure solution using SQL MI
The first data feed is D365 - I’ve already built a real time integration with D365 - That was ‘fun’

What’s the latest thinking about ideal team composition?
Has there been any updates to what is written by Dan and Michael?

We’ll be looking for tools (code generation, testing and metadata management)

  • I’ve seen some of the generation tools
  • I haven’t seen any automation of testing. What’s out there?

I need to get my skates on so any help is greatly appreciated


@neil.strange I’m hoping you can help me out

The latest I’d say is something like this:

Or something Spotify published a few years ago: Spotify Scaling Agile Model - PM Today

You need in general a small team.

You need to cover off, across all team members:

  • infrastructure/cloud for provisioning dev/prod environments (Terraform?)
  • pipeline development
  • business analyst, for requirements gathering
  • data modelling
  • etl development/test
  • project management/change management
  • solution architecture
  • dashboard developer

You might get away with a team of around 5. You’ll add more etl dev/testers or dashboard developers if you use more.