Modeling a source system link table as a LINK in DV

Can I model a source system table as a LINK table in Data Vault?

The reason I ask – the source system data model includes the following:

WorkItem table - contains information about various Agile work items: Epics, Features, User Stories, Bugs, etc.

WorkItemLink table - used to create links between two and only two WorkItems. For example, Epic 123 is the parent of Feature 345.

Can we model WorkItemLink as a Data Vault LINK table?

And apologies if this question has already been answered.

Assuming WorkItem will feed a Hub_WorkItem? In which case WorkItemLink is a hierarchical link. Assuming this does represent true business rules and relationships, I see nothing wrong with using that as the source for your Link in the data vault. Of course this presumes any other source systems that provide work items also have a source for their associations and that the association follows the same rules of two and only two workitems (i.e., it is a hierarchy).

In other words are you building a true source system agnostic data vault model or simply converting your source tables to data vault style tables (i.e., the dreaded source system data vault).

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A Jira Vault!

@kgraziano - thanks - I’m pretty sure that this source system (Azure DevOps) will be the only source of this type of data for a long time. I will try to confirm that.

@patrickcuba - AzDO Vault! :wink:

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Every data vault table has record source, tenant id, load date, applied date, hash key

We sometimes add the job if so we can tie the record back to what loaded it

We can also add a jira id which guarantees a link to documentation describing the decisions and initiatives for that record, for you it’s azdo_id