What would be the data vault of this data model?

Hello! This is a data model involving four tables: Employees, QA, QAStrategy and ProfessionalServices. The QA table has a composite key formed by its primary key and two primary keys that are coming from Employees as foreign keys. It is followed by a QA Strategy table containing its primary key and foreign keys from QA table. A Professional Services table contains three primary keys coming from Employees table as foreign keys and has its own primary key. What would be the data vault model of this data model?

Not sure… but be careful of using system-keys in place of business keys. We’re after business keys for hub tables.

For a complete guide on defining these and more look here: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B08KSSKFMZ

For simplicity we just assume that the core business concepts and business model is the same as the db model from your example.

We also assume that we have an autonumous etl process for each table in the model.

For table employee:
Sat_employee(employeeName, dateOfBirth, joiningDate) connected to Hub_employee.
Rts_employee connected to Hub_employee

For table professipnal services:
Link_professionalServices(Hub_service, Hub_employee_LeadID, Hub_employee_managerID
Sat_professionalServices(project cost) connected to Link_professionalServices
Rts_professionalServices connected to Link_professionalServices

For table QA:
Link_QA(Hub_QA, Hub_employee_LeadID, Hub_employee_managerID)
Sat_QA(QA Details) connected to Link_QA
RTS_QA connected to Link_QA

For table strategy:
Sat_Strategy(Strategy Details) connected to Hub_Strategy
Link_Strategy(Hub_strategy, Hub_QA, Hub_employee_LeadID, Hub_employee_managerID)
RTS_Strategy connnected to Link_Strategy

Total: 4 hubs, 3 links, 4 satellites, 4 record tracking satellites.
Hope this helps and that i did not mess anything up.