One or More Hubs for same Entity

Hi everyone,

I have a set of three different data sources having data related to an entity (lets say customer).
Each source has a set of attributes and keys. Between sources these attributes and keys may be similar or completely different even in data types.

Some examples:

Scenario 1:
In source 1, the customer ID is a numeric field and in source 2 it is a string.

Scenario 2:
In both sources the ID is numeric but lets say ID=5 represent different customers in each system so basically they are not the same customer.

Scenario 3:
Some sources have single ID fields and other sources are based in composite fields.

How would each of these scenarios be handled by the DV2.0 hubs?

Thank you

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Hello Luissimoes!
My suggestion might differ a little from what the data vault community think. Your question arises when you have to implment something in the real world.
If you can argue that one hub can be physically implemented in several tables then this exercise is really simple. Create hubtables and name them ‘businessEntity’ + keyset. This solves scenario1 and scenario2. In senario3 you are forced to use a link. Please tell me if I need to clearify more.

I discuss three main scenarios for hub integrations here, 1. Data Vault and Domain Driven Design | by Patrick Cuba | Dev Genius ← shared kernel discussion
and where you may want to use collision code here A Rose by any other name… wait.. is it still the same Rose? | by Patrick Cuba | Snowflake | Medium