Normal or MA Sat

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We have a policy table with a composite primary key as follows:

*** Policy**
*** Brand**
*** Product**
*** Seqno**

Other columns

  • Col1
  • Col2
  • Col3

From this table, we have derived policy hub, brand hub, and product hub tables. Notably, the source generates a new sequence number (seqno) whenever there is an update in the policy. Based on this behavior, I am inclined to categorize this table as a dependent child in the satellite. Could you please confirm whether my assumption is correct, or should this data be placed in a different table?
If adding a dependant child in Sat is fine, Is it possible to do with AutomateDV(DBTvault)?
Thank you for your insights.

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The seqNo, from my understanding is just a ticker for changes in the source. If that is correct I would just consider it as another field in “Other columns”.

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Sounds good if there are changes against that id, if the id remains the same then it is simply just an attribute.

Thanks @patrickcuba , Do you mean the changes against seqno? If so, yes, we are getting updates against the seqno at times.