Loading from multiple sources to form a union-based transactional link

Hello, I need to implement a transactional link in dbtvault with two sources. In the dbtvault documentation, it is said that it is possible to do that for Links, but it is not for possible transactional links. What workaround do you suggest me to do ?
Thanks in advance

Can you use an alias? Two dbt models with different names, but the same alias in the config block?

If you have two sources, why not load two transactional links?

If you understand the nature of the what and the why a t-link is there you would never load two sources into a single t-link.

Sorry to revive an old thread, but had a question on this.

We’ve got a migration taking place where payment transactions are moving from one source to another.
My initial intention was to capture transactions from both systems in to a Non-Historized link and capture the details of the transactions in seperate sats connected to the link (payment date, amount, source). The hubs these transactions link to will remain the same however the amount of detail about the transaction will differ.

Is the advice here to produce two non-historized links (one for each system) and then marry them together afterwards in a fact table for the business to consume (they want to see any transactions together - both historic from the old system and new)