JSON collection with multiple objects and ways to link them in Data Vault

Hello All
We are facing an issue with handling the linkage between multiple objects within a JSON collection and represent the same in Data Vault.

In the below customer collection, how to link the various object groups ?
Say for an instance, when there is a change only in address and not in employment details, how to handle point in time queries ?

Will a synthetic key using timestamp be suffice to link all these objects ?

Kindly suggest.

Customer Collection
root: {
address line 1
address line 2
employment details
company name


Take a look at PITs — they’re designed to do this.

Thanks @patrickcuba When we do not have a timestamp column in each of the object at source, should we need to use synthetic key (surrogate key) to link them?

You will always have a timestamp column in your Data Vault, for every entity

I agree, but that is load timestamp which may differ if I keep all the Objects within a JSON collection in a different satellite. I wouldn’t be able to establish a relationship through timestamps, I mean joining the records using load timestamp.