How to create the links when you’re not joining on non business keys

I have HUB defined on the business key like: Area_ID. However, I need to link this HUB with another HUB on a non-business key e.g. STREET_NUMBER. How do we build the link in this scenario? Because while making the links between 2 hubs I have to take the HASH Keys from both the hubs but I can’t take the Hash generated based on Area_ID. So how to create the links when you’re not joining two hubs based on business keys?

I think I have bad news. You can’t create a LINK without business keys. Business and data analysis is vital. The DV model and Business Keys might be hard to identify, but don’t build a DV if you don’t have them or you’ll be wasting your time and fooling your stakeholders into believing they’re getting a DV when they’re not.

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“bad news” I love it, “the data must flow”…

@manishbhoge - Are you able to provide samples of the source data at all? What does the source data do to uniquely identify the relationship between that Area_ID and the other HUB?

@Rusty brings up a valid point regarding the business and data analysis. Perhaps we can assist in at least identifying viable business key candidates.