Diferent source integration (additional records in master source)

I have a scenario where there is source 1 which contains its set of business keys lets say 100 records. Then I have another source - source 2 (master source) which has more records for same business entity lets say 200 records. For the common 100 records between the 2 sources I am able to map the business key in both systems but for non common records there are null value for BK in master source.

How to model in this scenario:

  1. Zero key scenario
  2. Add BK from 2 sources in same hub and create a SAL for common BK
  3. Create them as 2 different hubs and create a link between them

Appreciate any guidance.

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Looks like you need to make a choice mate — top down data modelling or not.

Hello! Can you provide an example?