Condensing Audit history to settled transactions in Business Vault

Hello all,

We have a SAT hanging from a LINK that contains the Audit History for all Transactions. We would like to build a Business Vault artifact that would contain just the Settled Transaction with the final amounts (the amount may change during the course of the audit).

What is the best practice for implementing this in the Raw Vault layer. Please advise.


Hello Saqib!
I dont know if this the best practice but I would have solved it this way:

  1. Create a process that extracts the columns that you are interested in from the sat and the link. Filter that process (business rule) to only extract settled transactions of a specific applied date and loaddate.
  2. Run the process and use it as a data source, model a new deltasatellite that stores settled transactions, model a eff sat connected to the link. This eff sat keeps track of the settled transactions.
  3. Run the process daily to gather the changes in audit over time.
    Good luck!

If audit history comes from source - RV
If you are applying soft rules - BV, this should not be a replica of RV but be a true derivation/change/business rule outcome based on RV/other BV