How to do 100% insert only soft delete? (Record Source Tracking)

Let’s say we need to soft delete business keys that do not appear for 4 consequent weeks in the source and we use a some sort of “Deleted Status Satellite”.
How can we mark the status of the keys that do not appear in the feed by using inserts only? And avoiding all sorts of scans.

Use a record tracking satellite, RTS.
Google how they work. Good luck!

You should use a record tracking satellite. This contains metadata that records each time a business key is fed to the Vault. This is covered in the Building a Scalable Data Warehouse with Data Vault 2.0 book.

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Option 1: get the source to send you a flag
Option 2: If the source is a snapshot, infer the delete with a Status Tracking Satellite
Option 3: You can infer the soft delete by the last time a business key appears using a Record Tracking Satellite and then populate a Business Vault Status Tracking Satellite (you’re defining a business rule), BUT, do you need an RTS to infer something you can simply get from an adjacent satellite around a hub? I’m into having fewer tables not more.

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