Business link use case


There is a requirement to create an additional business link based on the raw vault data (3 hubs and their sats) and some pretty complex business logic.
If I went for a business link, I’d have to:

  • create new link structure
  • add a satellite that stores few flags that might change over time
  • add an effectivity satellites because relation to one of the hubs might change
  • potentially a PIT to speed up querying the above
    This looks quite complex…
    What if instead I used a snapshot-able structure, kind of a bridge?
    Is it fine to create a bridge with a complex business logic behind? Since it is based upon raw vault I can recreate state to any given snapshot, don’t have to store every change of attribute and relation in additional satellites.

How do you deal normally in case similar to above?


Your job as a data modeller is to solve complexity for your downstream users

Thanks Patrick,

The complexity would be solved anyway for downstream, since they would get the same dimension.
What I’m not sure about is whether I should stick to DV standards and have all the objects (link, descriptive satellite, effectivity satellite, PIT) or snapshot-able structure is also fine and will not hit me back in the future I’m not seeing yet.
I also found a notion of snapshot based business satellites in a video from Scalefree Data Vault Business Satellites (, which sounds appealing, but don’t know how this works in real world implementations.


What you do in the BV is up to you; I do find Scalefree bend the rules quite a bit and in fact in a lot of cases get some concepts wrong… of course — as long as you’re delivering value