Build PIT and Bridge tables on migrated data

How do you build a PIT/ Bridge table on migrated data? PIT and Bridge tables are created based on dv_loadts but for all migrated data dv_loadts is the same.


you should rely on dv_applieddate then there will be no confusion wrt load dates

Thanks, Patrick for the reply.

We have migrated to a new ODS and all actual load dates for customers have been lost, we only see the migrated date as the load date.

Do you think we should use a business date (for example, customer address start date as the load date for customer address SAT?) Sorry If I have misunderstood what dv_applieddate is.


You’ll have to negotiate with you business… we never use business dates as a load date but since you lost them you’ll need to figure out what is the closest date to a load date — or redo your migration

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