Thought about using the new Streams on Views feature in Snowflake yet?

Had an opportunity to test this new feature released into Public Preview just this month! More to come for sure!

I am currently building exactly that approach at my customer. And generally I love that approach.

But I found out that Streams seem to have their problems when they have too many columns.

So a workaround is to split the streams and underlying views in several streams/views with less columns

A few figures here with a Large WH:

select * from STR_V_VBAP_all – >400 cols
–15070 in 8:25 mins
–29040 in 11:01 mins
–43291 in 9:24 mins
–27k in 8:00 mins
–75K in 8:50 mins

select * from STR_V_VBAP_TEST100; – 100 cols
–26 in 1:15 mins
–197 1:32 mins
–8K in 1:41 mins
–70K in 1:48 mins
–96k in 2:33 mins

select * from STR_V_VBAP_TEST50_LNK; – 50 cols
–60 0:36 mins
–144 0:42 mins
–7.1k in 45s
–66K in 44s
–91K im 47s

select * from STR_V_VBAP_TEST0_LNK; – only key cols ( <10)
–68 in 0:12 s
–822 in 0:14 s
–4100 in 20 s
–5,5k in 13 s
–52K in 19 s
–72K in 16s

Streams are offsets on the underlying object — there isn’t a limitation on the number of columns used, in fact that doesn’t even factor in the discussion of deploying or using stream objects