Renaming the source columns in raw vault

Hi All,

We have encountered a few special column names that are reserved words(keywords), and numeric column names like 238567 from the source tables. What is the best practice for handling these columns in the raw vault? Are we allowed to rename them appropriately in the raw vault, or should they renamed only in the later stages?



I reckon you’d need to see what the platform supports… I have not seen many that support numeric column names, you might need to set a standard that such columns be renamed with a prefix to make it work — like a double underscore or something…

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We are currently using Redshift, which supports numeric column names. To avoid using quotes(") when reading the columns, I want to rename the column. Is column renaming an anti-pattern in Datavault?

Ah I see. The DV2.0 recommendation is to not change it, you’ll have to make a decision here.

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This could be cast as a hard business rule - a necessary change to be able to load the data. Try to keep the column names as similar to the source as possible to facilitate the audit trail - e.g. add a prefix to the coulmn name x_ or something like that.