Including additional keys as primary keys in satellite

Hello All
We are having a scenario where we need to include additional columns as primary key columns in the satellite.
Kindly share your suggestion to circumvent this problem.

  1. Customer - Hub has the primary key as customer_hkey derived based on the business key customer_id
    2., Customer Identifier - Satellite - holding all the different identifiers for a customer
  2. At present, we built the satellite as SAT_CUST_IDENTIFIER with key as CUSTOMER_HKEY and LOAD_DATE
  3. We may get multiple Id types for a customer. In this case, should we need to extend the primary key in the customer identifier satellite to include IDENTIFIER TYPE ?
  4. What if, in future, we get identifier start date as well ?

Please advise.


Dependent-child key in the satellite — yes this is the satellite type that fits between a regular satellite and an multi-active satellite.

Thanks @patrickcuba for responding to my query.
Can this be extended to customer physical address, customer tax details and any other similar kind of requirements where a customer may have these type of associated information ?

It can, because these are dependent on a parent key it will have the effect of

  • simplifying your model and your querying
  • abiding by treating these as dep keys your hubs remain based on business objects
  • adds flexibility to how you use these sats