hub design question

Hub is supposed to store the business keys of business objects. I know it’s wrong but sometimes it seems tempting to build physical hubs for dependent child or for some other types of links. My question is what problems can occur if we create these wrong hubs. I guess i have problems understanding why Hub selection is so important. Thanks!

Can you imagine the number of links and hubs you’ll have?
And the unnecessary joins?
Besides, business doesn’t track codes, they track business objects represented by immutable business keys. Why not load the dep-key to the satellite table instead? Faster, less tables and far easier to support an EDW

You are definitely right. I guess my question is more that if I create just one extra hub for a dependent child, it will Not be too big of a deal. I cannot see any dire consequences. Also business people don’t use raw vault directly, so I don’t understand why the problem there。.
Thanks for your response. Teddy

Yea… but they pay the bills, with more hubs then needed your data architecture’s costs start to pile up, and only because you didn’t follow standards.