How to model multi-level hierarchies in DV 2.0 ?

Hello DV Community,

I wish to understand what’s the best way, in your opinion, to model multi-level hierarchies (e.g. retail merchandise product hierarchies) according to the DV 2.0 standard.

Below is an expected data from source:

Please observe the line items highlighted in orange colour. Formal → Men → Shirts has been reclassified to Casual → Men → Shirts in 2024 vs 2023.

Merchandise[SubSubCategoryId] is foreign key in Product[CategoryId].

How do we model it in Raw vault all the way upto Dimension model in Information Mart layer so that we are able to do analysis over time period over this reclassification ?

Please guide.

looks like ref data mate – not something you want to “convert” into a DV… you’ll sacrifice understandability for conformity