Hanging a Multi-active SAT from a LINK?

Hello all,

Is it okay to hand a Multi-active SAT from a LINK?

Here is our use case:

We have Orders. Each Order has several Order Lines. Each Line has a separate release schedule. For any given release schedule there are 1 or more status associated with it.

We are thinking of have a LINK that houses the Order Lines and Order Line Schedules as Dependent Keys. And then hang hang the MA SAT from this Link with the Statuses as as MA components.

Here is the model:


Is this a valid approach?


Why would it be a bad idea?

Hi @patrickcuba . Just wanted to run it by the DV community to make sure we are not overlooking something obvious…

Looks good to me. As always with these sort of questions I suggest building it and trying it out. It won’t take long and you will learn a lot more about your data as a result.

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Thanks @neil.strange ! :slight_smile: Yea we are trying it out using #dbtvault :slight_smile: