Erwin Data Modeler for dbtvault

I see there is a category for Erwin, but no posts yet, so let me be the first.

I’m currently working for a client that uses erwin data modeler as their modeling tool. I’ve adapted it to do my physical modeling of our data vault. I’m not using the erwin DV2.0 functionality as I find it very limited. I’ve only used it for the themes (which, I guess, would have cost me 2 minutes to create from scratch). I created a User Defined Property called Stereotype on the table and on the column level, that specifies what type of table (Hub, Link, Sat, Eff_Sat, etc) and what type of column (Primary Hub Key, Foreign Hub Key, Record Source, Load DTS, etc). All this will be input for our generator that transforms this metadata to dbtvault yaml.

I’m using Data Movement Sources to do the source-to-target mappings, since all my sources are (or will be) available as physical models in Erwin as well. For simple mappings, that works fine. But when I want to include information like BKCC’s or filtering, it gets messy… I was looking into using the DS Comment section for this, but that is on the column level, and not the column mapping level.

And then when I want to store the metadata for my business rules, it gets even clunkier. I created a copy of my model, with nothing but the tables and columns, and added that as a new Data Source, so I can create source-to-target mappings with my DV objects as source (because you can’t create mappings to objects in the same model), but then again, I need additional information (the specifics of the rule itself). To get things underway I could just include the entire SQL script but I would like to have something more generic.

My question is: does anyone here use Erwin DM for their source-to-target mappings, and if so, can you share your findings and tips?

I think what I would ultimately need is Erwin Data Intelligence. I never used it before, but it looks like it’s more suited for what I’m trying to achieve. But I’m afraid my client won’t go for that. At least, not on the short term…