Domain vs sub-domains

All, I would classify ‘store’ as a sub-domain of site. As Site also includes our warehouses (RSC Retail Service Centre) and CFCs (Customer Fulfillment Centres) that support on-line activities as well there are our offices and locations like Big 8 (Drink manufacturer - Pop and water), so if the model only has Store. how do we handle the rest of the data pieces when they need to be added to the raw data vault?

My view is Site should be created as a Hub and link(hierarchical) can be created to establish a relationship between Site and Store.

Reference: Super Type and sub type - #9 by neil.strange

Thanks Swami, another scenario, we have Promotions coming from 2 different systems CMA (Internal) and SAP sending same data sometime on same day or different timings, how can we handle such while building raw vault.

If the business key is identical then there are two options. One being a satellite for each source and the other being overloaded satellite. Options can be chosen based on the changes expected at each source. Both options has its own pros and cons in terms of performance.

Thanks Swami. Need your opinion on implementing data vault using Agile? how can someone implement/think of what goes in a sprint of 2 weeks?

Also, Region table, can we add that as Hub or Reference table, from a RAW data vault?

Depends upon its business relevance. If it holds the business key, then it has to be a hub, otherwise an reference table with or without history.

Agility is the key feature of data vault. Even our project is following agile. We add hubs, links and satellites specific for that sprint delivery. We work with the business to understand the product backlog and design it accordingly.

How do we manage or add degenerate keys in raw data vault?

Where do you want to add degenerate keys ?

The existing data model has degenerated dimensions while migrating or rewriting in RAW data vault what are the recommendations?? also how to handle Xref, Lookups or static tables (One time load) into data vault.

Sounds like you need to attend a course mate — or at least if you’re using AutomateDV get into contact with them over their Slack… they’re very supportive.

I am looking for directions only or best practices

Yup… you’ll get those from what i mentioned