Data Vault formation in Azure ADLS

I have a integrate SAP data into Azure and form a Data vault in ADLS and automation of Hub, Satellite & Link files in ADLS. If someone came across similar situation please guide me.


If I can ask a question…
If you are storing the data in ADLS, what are you using for data query, is this DataBricks SQL, or some other technology?

We are in design phase, understood that we can use SQL, Python, spark so have to use the best fit.

@murugaanbu - I am currently designing DV automation in Azure for the company where I work. We are nearly production ready at this point. It’s not perfect nor complete in terms of covering all of the DV2.0 standards and nuances, but I believe we will get there.

Do you have any specific questions yet?

Templates, templates, templates :wink: