Business Vault Training Resources

Hi All - have you encountered any quality resources for Business Vault training/tutorials? I’m looking for a resource that shows hands-on examples that show a clear lineage between the business requirement, raw vault objects, and resulting business vault design.

hello … what do you have in mind as a Business Vault?
Or are you referring to Information Marts supported by Query Assistance tables (PITs & Bridges)

Your question is essentially what I’m looking to answer. We are planning to use Business Vault as the source for our information marts.


Best resource: US:

Second best: Data Vault Mysteries… Business Vault | by Patrick Cuba | Snowflake | Medium

Thank you Patrick. I’d really like to read the Medium article, but I do not have a paid account. Is this posted publicly anywhere else?

Linkedin — or if its snowflake related google “data vault techniques on snowflake” and my articles are there