Business Rules Management

Section 10.2 Implementing the Meta Mart of Dan’s book discusses the metadata that should be kept about the Data Vault. One of the topics was the metadata for Soft Business Rules. I’m seeking recommendations on HOW to implement this in a Synapse Analytics Database. Our thoughts are to build Table Value Functions that are organized by a naming convention that identifies the business user, the business rule, and a version number. Parameters in stored procedures would then identify the version desired. Thus, switching versions would simply be changing the values of the parameters.



It’s a start

You could do things like classification, category and get into a whole taxonomy and further define it by domain + sub-domain and for business vault whether the rule is an enterprise wide business rule. You could also add what initiative this relates to, example if it a directive related to Basel 3 and it is the LSFR ratio you’re working on, or something related to IFRS9. You should be able to look up who authorised it (RACI extension) and even tie it to a JIRA for the record being processed into the DV.

I do discuss this a fair bit under section 1.2. I think it could get as far and wide as you want it.

I was trying to remember the webby for this…

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Thank you Patrick for your replies.

Hi Clay,
In addition to semantic versioning, have a look at using a ‘rules engine’ approach. I did a presentation at WWDVC a few years back (may still be available from DVA or DM me for the PDF) where we abstracted the soft rules for calculated or computed satellites in the Business Vault. We were pretty successful in automating ~800 different rules at the time, that were not allocated or aggregating any contextual data (via grain shift), but it might be worth a look. There are some more products now that also might be a fit (InRule seems pretty interesting but there are others).

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Hi Bruce

I remember you mentioning it in the class that I attended. At the time I didn’t understand the benefit of having that capability. I’d like to take you up on your offer of sending me the pdf.

It was wonderful to finally meet you face-to-face at the conference and I look forward to future opportunities to interact with you.

Thanks and regards